A company founded on a partnership and friendship of two Biotechnology specialists that devoted more than 26 years to the development of biotechnological products. 

Our Mission

Bring Innovative solutions to our customers needs, following scientific sound based approach, always focusing on quality and ethics.

Who we are

Fernanda Monteiro Kapritchkoff, PhD

Director and Co-owner of GetBio

Graduated in Industrial Pharmacy, with PhD and Master degree in Biotechnology by the USP-IPT-Butantan Post-Graduation program, with 26 years of experience in different aspects related to the Biotechnology field. Prior to founding the company, Fernanda has worked for Libbs Farmacêutica, a Brazilian private company, for almost 11 years, where she held leadership positions in the Biotechnology R&D department and worked as an External R&D Specialist. She also carried out other activities at the company, just as technology transfer management for the production of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies from external partners to the only Brazilian mammalian cell culture facility using disposable bioreactors, as well as scientific evaluations and project management for biosimilars and innovative drug products development, besides varied internal consultancies. Prior to her work in the private sector, Fernanda worked for 15 years at Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo, IPT, a Brazilian technological research institute, where she worked as a fellowship and autonomous researcher in projects focused on biotechnological processes using microorganisms and mammalian cells.

Flávia Serpieri, PhD

Director and Co-owner of GetBio

Graduated in Biological Sciences and PhD in Biotechnology by the USP-IPT-Butantan Interunits Program. During her PhD she developed recombinant cell lines expressing humanized monoclonal antibodies; acquiring great knowledge in the construction of expression vectors, cell transfection, isolation and selection of clones, establishment of cell banks and characterization of monoclonal antibodies. Prior founding GetBio, she worked for 9 years at Libbs Farmacêutica, holding positions as Biotechnology Researcher and Specialist, working with the development of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies and innovative biological drugs. She also worked in the analysis of global initiatives related to biosimilars and in the search and technical evaluation of new opportunities and products for partnerships. She was the leader of technology transfer in PDPs (Projects for Productive Development) Projects involving biosimilars, guaranteeing the training of the public partner and the incorporation of the technology for the production of these molecules. In addition, she worked in the technical management of a radical innovation project, developed in partnership with a company abroad to develop an innovative recombinant biological molecule, designated as an orphan drug.